Chrysalis Programme

Trybe’s Youth-At-Risk-Engagement (YARE) programme under the national YARE Framework

Chrysalis is an intervention and prevention programme specially designed by Trybe under the national YARE framework. It serves to steer at-risk youths away from crime, improve their family relationships and help them stay in school through mentoring, casework, group-based activities and family engagement. Trybe is one of the ten agencies appointed by MSF to conduct the YARE programme in Singapore.


Using standardised assessment tools to assess the risk levels and needs of the youths, Trybe adopts a unique systemic approach to tackle issues at the root and empowers the youths to take charge of their lives.


Whilst recognising that family and peer relations play an intricate part in the lives of the youths, the Chrysalis programme is designed to guide and support at-risk youths through individual, group activities and family engagement sessions. The Chrysalis programme also rallies the community to support and sustain the youth’s re-engagement in school and work.

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