Corporate Services (CS)

The Corporate Services Division was set up to provide Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Technology & Infrastructure, Administration and Governance services to the whole of Trybe. Its primary goal is to ensure a fully functional and operational
Trybe, thereby leading to the realisation of the overall organisational vision and mission.



Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department oversees staff development matters in Trybe. Together with the Practice and Development Unit, they plan the career and professional development for all staff to meet the increasing need of the social sector and the Company. The Human Resource Department also looks into staff rotation, giving all staff opportunities to explore other areas of work within the company.

One key responsibility of the Human Resource Department is to enhance staff well-being by introducing new initiatives that would improve work culture, strengthen relationship amongst staff, and attend to concerns of all members in the Company.


Finance Department

The Finance Department supports all division with their budgeting, procurement, reimbursement and all matters related to finance. The Department also ensures that all expenditures in Trybe are accounted for and spent prudently. The Finance Department oversees the annual audit and supports the funding and donation monitoring.

Trybe’s Chief Executive and the Head of Corporate Services are the chief financial controller in the Company. Together with the Finance Department, they ensure good financial planning and management of the company’s funds.


Technology & Infrastructure Department

Technology & Infrastructure Department is entrusted with the task of building and developing, operating and maintaining the infrastructure for information technology. The Department oversees all networking, hardware devices and software programmes within the Company.

The Technology & Infrastructure Department’s key responsibility is to develop systems and programmes that enhance the work of the other divisions. The Department looks into innovation and recommends new technologies and implementations that will increase the efficiency of the Company.

The Department also provides technical advisory services to the other divisions and ensure that the Company’s data are securely stored and managed.


Governance Department

A good corporate governance is the foundation for a healthy Company. The Governance Department oversees all of Trybe’s policies and ensures that the Company is in compliance with all regulations and requirements from the different stakeholders. The Department also manages all legal matters pertaining to the Company and provides effective oversight of risk management and the integrated framework of internal controls.

A key function of the Governance Department is to manage all Board related matters. The Department manages the relationship of the Board and the Company and ensures that the needs of the Board are met.

Trybe welcomes industry experts who are specialized in different corporate functions to provide consultations and volunteer their skills to build up Trybe’s capabilities. If you are interested, do contact us at

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