intern testi nicole

"Working at Trybe has definitely
broadened my worldviews
and given me fresh perspectives
on working with youths,
and I thoroughly
enjoyed the entire process..."

nicole pang | TRYBE intern

intern testi amos

"Trybe has taught me what it
really means to work with youths,
where what they need is not
someone to tell them how to
change but someone who is
willing to work alongside them
to make change happen."

amos leow | TRYBE intern

"I was afraid that I may face
difficulties striking a conversation
with the CRC resident as it was a rare
experience for me to interact with
a group of boys coming from special
backgrounds. However, many residents
took initiative to talk to me and share
about their lives in CRC. I was moved by
their warm welcome especially when they
invited me for dinner at the mosque."

pei xuan | TRYBE intern

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