Have a passion to develop the youth? Believe that every youth can be a success story? Be part of the Trybe Internship Programme! To find out more, email us at

We are looking for like-minded, zealous individuals who are passionate about impacting the lives of the youths in Singapore. Areas of internship opportunities include:

01. Social Service Interns (Social Work / Counsellor / Youth Work)

Individuals who are keen to have a hands on experience working with youths facing adversities are strongly recommended to come onboard as our Social Service Interns. They will have an opportunity to engage the clients directly, gain a deeper understanding of their struggles, and be equipped to contribute to the social sectors. Interns will be assigned a Social Worker who supports them in their learning and development, and journey with them through their internship period.

Social Service Interns are expected to possess basic knowledge in either social work, counselling or youth engagement. They are also expected to have good character and willing to learn and take on new challenges.

02. Corporate Functions Interns (General Admin / Finance / IT)

Individuals who are interested to learn the corporate roles required in a social service agencies are highly encouraged to consider the Corporate Function internship. Through the programme, interns will be exposed to activities that consolidate critical company-wide support services, provided based on specialized knowledge, best practices, and technology to serve the staff team and at times, external stakeholders.

Interns supporting this function should have good knowledge and skills in general administration, finance and IT functions. Interns will play a supportive role to the different staff performing the specialized roles and will be at time, required to support other functions in the Company.

03. MarComs Interns (Marketing / Media / Communications)

Individuals who are passionate about marketing, content creation and engaging the public are welcome to intern with us. MarComs interns will have the opportunity to help Trybe increase its brand awareness and reach, and share about the work that Trybe does through its social media platforms and marketing materials. Interns who are creative, skilled in design and video editing will be able to contribute to Trybe’s publicity materials and videos. Through the internship, the interns will learn more about the youths Trybe serves and be their voice to the public.

MarComs Interns are expected to possess basic graphic design, video editing or mass communication knowledge or skills. They are expected to be flexible, team player and ready to operate with deadlines.

Things to Note:

  • There are limited internship positions in Trybe and interns are recommended to apply for internship in advance.
  • All applicants will go through an interview and only selected individuals will be awarded the internship position.
  • Interns who are able to commit longer will have priority for the selected position.
  • All interns are expected to plans for their learning goal through the internship. The Company aims to help interns achieves these goals articulated.

the leadership lessons and trainings! It is the joy that fuels me to volunteer at Trybe.

It's simply a joy to serve the youths and seeing their lives transformed through



meng wee | volunteer

I’ve managed to touch the lives of others and likewise, they touched my life too.

I feel that all the sessions and events I’ve been through were not a waste at all. One way or another,

as both volunteers and the participants learn from one another. Though tired at the end of each programme,

It is a fun and rewarding experience money cannot buy. Age is also not a limiting factor



tanaka | volunteer

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