It has taught me valuable life skills like no other internship has. There are an abundant of opportunities given to the interns in terms of leadership, planning and executing of projects. Interns at Trybe do not just photocopy stuffs or print stuffs for others, they are given great responsibilities in projects such as coming out with new ideas or improving older ones. But fret not, the Trybe staff are the most helpful and friendly people in the working world I have ever seen. They treat everyone in the organisation as family and that is what stands out most from other organisations. It is also the reason why so many interns come back and volunteer for programs whenever they are free as we are a close-knit family who will continue to grow.

Even if your field of study is not in youth development, it is definitely still beneficial to you regardless. I was majoring in engineering during my internship days and even though there was close to zero engineering problems relevant to me, there will always be other problems that I am able to solve with the guidance from the Trybe staff. You get to make new friends almost every day and at the same time impact the lives of the youth in educational institutes around Singapore. Thanks to Trybe, I have found my new passion and have chosen to become a PE. Trybe, every youth a success story. Cheers!


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