Throughout my internship, Trybe has constantly exposed me to work with youths of different backgrounds and stories. One of my most memorable experience is meeting with one of the youths for case work. Through my conversation with the youth, I was sincerely touched by the youth’s great desire to be heard and have someone to walk alongside with to guide and mentor them. After all, every youth need a lamp to light their path.

“A family that eats together stays together.” In Trybe, all the staff treat one another like a family member, which really makes one feels at home. The cohesiveness and laughter in the office is one of my favorite thing here. It has brought so much joy and fun into one’s day, which also makes me look forward to go to work every morning for an exciting journey waits ahead.

Trybe has taught me about passion in service. The passion and dedication each staff have to serve the youths really impressed and inspired me. In Trybe, everyone do not simply do what is needed or work for the sake of working, instead they go the extra mile to reach out to the youths and genuinely shower them with care and support. Most importantly, the greatest lesson I gained from Trybe is to look for strengths in the individual. Trybe sees the potential and strong points of every individuals, and work with them to reach greater heights.


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