I was attached to the Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) and my first project was to plan for a barista workshop for both the residents and their parents.

This is the first time that this workshop is introduced and the objective of doing so, is for parents and child, to come together, to bond and to pick up a skill in latte art as well as the fine art of brewing coffee together.

During the barista workshop, it was heartwarming to observe how the families bonded together while having fun at the hands-on latte art.

Through this interactive session, both parents and child not only established a better understanding of coffee, they also appreciated the time spent together as a family and learning a new skill.

Seeing them enjoy their time together and receiving positive feedbacks on the workshop was the best reward as this was the first time that both parents and child were participating in an external workshop and acquiring a skill. I’ve acquired skills in planning and conducting such workshops, in addition to how to go about, to approach organisations for collaboration opportunities.

Jia Yue

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