My most memorable experience interning at Trybe, was the week of planning leading up to a secondary school camp as it was my first time taking charge of a segment of the camp. My limits were challenged as I had to learn many things at once such as creating a programme outline and volunteers’ briefing. Throughout the project, I made many mistakes but I was encouraged to be more confident, to bounce back from my mistakes and step up to what was required of me.

Throughout the stressful period, my mentors from the Community & Youth Services Division, Darren and Andrew showed me what it meant to work as a team. We showed concern and looked out for each other but yet there were times where we had to be really serious to sort things out. Furthermore, the coaching by the staff was very personal and that provided me with opportunities to develop professionally and also personally.

The greatest thing I’ve learnt during the internship, is humility. When I was assigned to a project, I subconsciously treated myself as someone who’d just follow instructions given by the project head, which in turn led to me not taking ownership of the project, reducing the influence which I could have provided. This experience made me realized that nothing is ever ‘final’ in our journey of personal growth. There is always room for improvements.


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