Through the programmes I got to interact with youths from all sorts of background and also volunteers who all have stories to share and lessons for me to learn from. During my stint with Trybe, I learnt how to effectively facilitate sessions to maximise learnings for youths. But even as a facilitator, I was also always learning from the training conducted by Trybe and the sharing from fellow Trybe volunteers. My time at Trybe has definitely helped me grow and made me more confident to take up leadership roles.

Internship programme at Trybe is very well designed and focuses very much on the development of the Intern. Just like how Trybe believes that every participant (youth) can be a success story, they also hold the same belief in their interns.
The team at Trybe is continuously trying to help interns develop in areas where they are weak. Opportunities for interns to take up tasks that are challenging are always available and encouraged. If you’re looking for a place that feels like home and constantly pushes you to do your best, Trybe is the place to be.


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