I think the event that I would best associate with ‘memorable’ would be the recent NPYA camp, where I had the chance to lead the hospitality team. Being able to be there to really engage with volunteers and reach out into their lives through what we did, was what made it so amazing. Constant guidance and encouragement from the staff really went a long way in giving that extra drive to want to help my team, and I think that was what made it so memorable.

In Trybe, there is never ‘I’, but it’s always ‘We’. Everyone functions through the help of each other and is constantly there to support, guide, encourage, advise and look out for each other. The supportive culture in Trybe is really what made this internship experience so much more different from working in other places.

I think the main takeaway I’ve had from this internship would be to have faith and Trust. Trust the people around me that they are there to help me and to trust myself that I am good enough to do many things. I would always consider myself as someone slower in learning, but Trybe has journeyed with me and showed me that it is okay to take time to learn, but I had to trust in myself and my capabilities.


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