Why talk about mental well-being?

While it is crucial to raise awareness on how we help the youth to deal with external concerns (financial problems, family issues, education/employment support etc), it is equally important to give emphasis on what we can do to address their inner conflicts. At Trybe, a huge part of our work goes beyond the youths’ material and tangible needs.

At the same time, we hope for every youth out there to understand that there is no weakness in reaching out and sharing about their mental well-being. Most importantly, we want them to know that professional help and services such as ours are available for them if they are open and OK2Talk.

Understanding mental well-being among youths

Navigating one's mental well-being can be difficult. To understand more about the inner conflicts youths are facing, click the button below for an article worth reading.


To support Trybe’s services and programmes that look after the youth’s emotional and mental well-being, you can: